Sunday, April 24, 2016

I had a great time at Copperfield's Local Author Book Fair on Saturday, April 9!  The weather tried its darnedest to keep us from having a ball, but it didn't win even though it rained on us a couple of times.  Hey, we're authors!  We're in it for the long haul.  As long as our books don't get wet, that is.  LOL!  I took a pic of my table, but I'm not going to post it because with the wind, I had to lay my posters in their frames flat so it's not my best presentation.  With it being outside, I encountered conditions I haven't dealt with in the past, i.e. rain, wind.  Let's talk about the wind a second.  Was there ever wind!  It was so fierce some of the very well tied down tents were picked up with the gusts of wind and almost carried away!  It was a sight to see for sure.  My photos and posters and books fell over with each wind's breath.  One gust of wind blew one of my poster frames off the table to the ground where it crashed and cracked the front of my frame.  The crack looked like Harry Potter's forehead.  haha  That's when I decided to lay all the frames flat on the table.  I didn't want them hitting anyone. 

Overall, I think it was a great first local author book fair.  With the store located off Louetta, a major street in the area of Houston/Spring, I personally saw a lot of folks looking that way from their cars, and I know they were wondering what was going on there.  With each year that Copperfield's Books hosts such a fair, the audience and participation will grow.  It takes time. 

I think it's funny how with each audience one of my books will do better than the other.  I had some interest in my kitty book, but I didn't sell even one copy that day but did sell 3 copies of Nana's Banana.  I've learned (or am learning) not to predict how well my books will day on any given day.  It just depends on so many factors.  The best I can do is give my best presentation and bring my personality and just enjoy being there.  After all, I once dreamed of being there, being an author, selling my books, and now I'm doing it!  And I love it!

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